Designed by heart,

Crafted by hand,

Forever in thought.

All-new circular plaque, photo stand and fish headstones added to our new collection

Pet Memorial Range

Pet memorial pebble

Pet Memorial Pebbles

£50.00 – £53.00

Pet memorial marker

Pet Memorial Marker


Pet memorial plaque

Pet Memorial Plaque


Pet memorial headstone

Memorial Headstone


Photo of a dog on stand

Stone Pet Photo Stand


We donate 10% of our profits to help charities that rescue cats and dogs

Our Other Pet Services

We offer pet bereavement services

The Support

We’ve worked with grief specialists to provide the best support along with materials specially tailored for young children.

We offer pet funeral services

The Funeral

We’ve worked with experienced funeral directors to design the perfect farewell that your loved companion deserves.

Our business holds 200 years of experience crafting memorials.

Rest Easy Pet Memorials E-Gift Card

More than just condolences

Buy today and we’ll mail it to you or the recipient for free!


Proudly made in the UK using local British materials.

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