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Portland Limestone pet memorial marker in garden

In honour of the efforts of the National Military Working Dogs Memorial UK we’ve decided to put together a list of our 4 coolest jobs for dogs.

The National Military Working Dogs Memorial UK are raising money to build a memorial tribute to honour working military dogs from World War I to present day & beyond.

An army marching a dog through London after World War I

So, without further ado, our 4 coolest jobs for dogs are…. 

4. Movie Star Dogs

Coming in at 4th place, we think dog movie stars are pretty cool.

Toto, Beethoven, Lassie, Hooch; these are just a few of the dogs which we all know from the big screen.

These canine superstars can catapult previously unknown breeds of dog into the mainstream.

For example; prior to Turner & Hooch there were fewer than 300 Dogues de Bordeaux in America!

Some dogs, particularly stunt dogs, are in such demand that they have their own passports so that they can travel the world going from movie set to movie set living the glitzy superstar lifestyle.

Movie star pups also earn the big Hollywood bucks.

Terry, who played Toto, made more money than many of the regular actors on the set of The Wizard of Oz, while Moose from Frasier earned $10,000 an episode!

Young woman walking her dog at sunset near the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California

3. Detection Dogs

Sometimes known as “sniffer” dogs, detection dogs are basically superheroes.

We have 6 million smell receptors in our nose, some dog breeds have up to 300 million and are better than any machine or instrument we can invent at detecting certain smells.

We think of detection dogs as fighting crime by searching for harmful substances or possessions but we think it’s especially cool that they can help in the fight against cancer.

Canine cancer detection is an alternative screening technique which is currently being researched.

A 2011 study by the European Respiratory Journal showed that dogs could detect lung cancer purely using breath samples.

A beagle working as a sniffer dog at an airport

2. Search-and-Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dogs are brave, quick and fit.

These heroes regularly save people from disasters such as avalanches.

One German Shepherd in Hungary named Mancs had an amazing talent for locating earthquake survivors who had become trapped under rubble. If he sensed someone who passed away he would lay down, and if he sensed someone who was alive he would stand up, wagging his tail and barking to alert rescuers.

Mancs spent his life saving lives and as a tribute to his life his hometown erected a beautiful memorial statue in his honour.

Memorial tribute statue of a famous German Shepherd search and rescue dog from Hungary named Mancs

Rodrigo, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

1. Therapy Dogs

At Rest Easy Pet Memorials we put mental health at the forefront of everything we do.

Our dogs spend their lives making us smile and keeping us happy, and Therapy Dogs touch the lives of so many.

Therapy dogs pay attention to a person’s mental health and can provide comfort when needed.

These working dogs represent the best characteristic of dogs – the unconditional love that they are able to give.

The best part is that any breed of dog can be a therapy dog with the correct training, so long as they are friendly!

Man cuddling a golden retriever dog outside

Here at Rest Easy Pet Memorials, we think all dogs are special and deserve the best pet memorials when they sadly pass away. With over 200 years experience crafting memorials we ensure every memorial is made with the love and care they deserve.

For more information visit our shop or get in contact today. 

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