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Portland Limestone pet memorial marker in garden

If you’re interested in our natural stone pet headstone but you aren’t sure what to have deeply engraved as the text then we’re here to help with our 7 engraving ideas for dog headstones;

1. Name and dates

It seems obvious and simple but sometimes simplicity is best, engraving just the name and dates can be an elegant and dignified option for a dog memorial stone and is likely the “safest” option if you are buying a memorial as a gift for someone whose pet has passed away.

We can also engrave a number of beautiful designs so that you can personalise the imagery as opposed to the text if you wish.

Name and dates on a dog headstone

2. Barking at angels

We all know a dog who loves a good bark when the doorbell rings, at cats, cars or even nothing at all!

This cheeky text option is light hearted and is bound to make someone smile when they read this text on a dog gravestone – and what is better than that?

Our dogs spend their lives making us smile so why shouldn’t their memorial get the same reaction. Pet loss is serious and extremely upsetting but a memorial can be a celebration of their life and doesn’t need to be gloomy!

A cat jumping at an unphased dog

Though of course, there is the occasional dog who is never phased…!

3. Wherever my road inclined, Four-feet said, “I am coming with you!”


Another poetry option here, this time a moving phrase from Rudyard Kipling’s Four Feet.

Every dog owner will feel the deep emotion in this phrase.

Dog walks become a part of your daily routine and it’s where you see your dog at their happiest and best – the walks can be what we miss most.

4. You are never friendless ever – if you have a dog!

This is part of the well known Douglas Malloch poem and is the perfect touching tribute for any dog.

Dogs are our best friends and this is the perfect text for any dog memorial to remember that friendship.

A woman walking a dog through a field at sunset

5. Remembered with love forever


Dog headstones and memorials are the embodiment of this phrase, but it is also lovely to engrave this as the text on the headstone, it almost acts as a commitment to always hold your dog in your memories forever.

6. “If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go wherever they went.”


American stage and film actor Will Rogers’ famous saying is the perfect text for dog remembrance.

At Rest Easy Pet Memorials we wholeheartedly agree with this phrase!

Silhouette of two dogs sitting looking at sunset sky

7. You came into our lives, made pawprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same


We have put a twist on a very famous quote from one of author Flavia Weedn’s works.

It’s true, our dogs literally change our lives and we are never the same.

Our loving dogs help us grow and permanently change us for the better.   

Paw prints

Personalising your dog’s memorial


Every pet memorial product on our shop page will provide you with at least some personalisation options, and our Pet Memorial Headstone has the most space for text.

You can also select from numerous designs and fonts to ensure your dog’s unique personality is reflected in their pet remembrance stone.

We’ve been engraving memorials for 200 years and we are proud to say that all of our memorial range is made in the UK using locally sourced stone and slate.

For any bespoke requests or ideas feel free to call or email us!

A cool Chow Chow dog wearing shades

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