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Portland Limestone pet memorial marker in garden

Here at Rest Easy Pet Memorials, we are committed to sustainability.

We wanted to offer our customers something special that was both kind to nature and a beautiful tribute to their beloved pets, and we found that with The Living Urn for Pets.

The Living Urn for pets is now available through our website and is a unique pet memorial idea for outside, allowing you to grow a living memory tree, plant or flowers with your pets ashes.

Each Living Urn is packaged in a sustainable bamboo container and includes the following:

  • Special pet bio urn
  • A premium tree seedling
  • Root Protect, a proprietary ash neutralising agent
  • Aged wood chips
  • Easy to follow planting instructions
    Grow a tree, plant or flowers with the Living Urn for Pets System
    Instructions on how to use the Living Urn for Pets System
    Trees, plants and flower examples grown with the Living Urn for Pets System

    Grow a Living Memory Tree with Pet Ashes

    The Living Urn for pets has special advantages over other comparable products.

    Other bio urns supply tree seeds which can be complicated and challenging leading to high failure rates and disappointment.

    The Living Urn focuses on successful outcomes which is why we chose to supply their amazing products – their priorities and our priorities are the same; delivering beautiful memorials that your beloved pets deserve.

    Indoor & Outdoor Eco-Ashes Urn for Pets

    We also wanted to offer an eco-ashes urn for those who want to keep cat’s or dog’s ashes indoors or bury them in a garden, special location, or cemetery.

    Many of the cheaper dog and cat urns for ashes on the market are made from materials that do not biodegrade or are synthetic. The process of their manufacturing is harmful to the environment and usually ordered in bulk from China or India meaning they have a large carbon footprint.

    Your pet’s memorial should be kind, not harmful to nature.

    Therefore, we also chose to supply The Living Urn’s Biodegradable Burial Urn.

    Tall trees growing outside in nature

    Biodegradable Burial Urn for Pets

    The Biodegradable Burial Urn for Pets is 100% natural, made from sustainable bamboo so that you can bury it with no repercussions or proudly display this dignified, beautiful urn on your mantle.

    The Biodegradable Burial Urn for Pets is available in one simple size (3.6ltrs) so it is large enough to fit 100% of the cremated remains of any pet.

    Biodegradable eco burial urn for pets ashes
    The biodegradable eco burial urn designed for pet ashes
    Man holding a biodegradable eco burial urn for pet ashes

    Wide Range of Memorials Available for any Pet

    Rest Easy Pet Memorials also offer a wide variety of pet headstones, gravestones and grave markers in natural slate and stone that we have sourced from UK quarries.

    This ensures our products are sustainable and have a low carbon footprint.

    Our pet memorial stones and plaques are perfect for the garden so if you have buried the ashes of your cat or dog these will make for beautiful markers.

    Our high-quality pet memorials make excellent keepsakes and ornaments, – particularly our Pet Memorial Pebble which includes a tea light holder which can be lit on special dates or occasions to signify the everlasting memory of your pet after they pass away.

    Two cavapoo dogs playing fetch in the garden

    We Donate 10% of Profits to Animal Rescue Charities

    At Rest Easy Pet Memorials, we are committed to donating 10% of our profits to animal charities therefore allowing the loss of one life to help the lives of many.

    We have been making plaques and gravestones for pets for over 200 years, so if you have something tailored in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We are always available to advise, and our in-house designers can help you design utterly unique and beautiful eco-friendly pet memorials and ashes urns.  

    Squirrel on the trunk of a tree holding a nut

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