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Portland Limestone pet memorial marker in garden

At Rest Easy Pet Memorials, we love helping people design beautiful tributes for their beloved pets and we’re here to help you create the perfect keepsake.

You may be looking to buy for your own pet who has passed away or perhaps you are looking for a gift for someone recently bereaved.

Either way you want the best and you’ve come to the right place as we’re an independent family run business that has been making memorials for 200 years.

Rest Easy Pet Memorials is also committed to helping animals by donating 10% of profits to animal charities so your perfect keepsake will help the lives of others.

Selecting the Right Pet Memorial

Choose from our beautiful range of pet memorials, we have a variety of sizes and materials which we designed specifically to look amazing in the home and garden.

Our pet memorial pebble is a perfect tribute to your best friend with an option to include a tea light holder so you can light a candle in memory of your cat or dog.

We also have pet memorial markers and plaques available in both Welsh slate and Portland limestone.

These beautiful memorial stones have a choice of lettering options, fonts, finishes and designs.

We also have a truly unique Pet Memorial Headstone made from a York sandstone that looks beautiful in any garden.

All our pet memorials are made from natural stone which we proudly source from local UK suppliers.

This is because we love to support UK businesses like ourselves while also ensuring a low carbon footprint so that your pet’s memorial is eco-friendly and kind to nature.

Pet memorial pebble in a garden
Cat memorial grave marker made from Portland limestone material
Cat memorial plaque made from Welsh slate material
Pet memorial headstone made from York Sandstone material

Choosing the Right Engraved Inscription

Sometimes it can be difficult choosing exactly what to have engraved on a pet memorial.

For some products you have more space than others. Obviously, it’s essential to include your pet’s name. Then, some people choose to include the date of birth / date of death, sometimes people just write the years, others the day/month/year.

If there is space on the memorial it’s nice to include additional text, this can be a personal message to your cat or dog, or perhaps something that you imagine they would say.

Alternatively, a short sentence or two from a poem or story relating to pets can be lovely.

We have a broad selection of fonts to choose from so if you prefer a script style, a simple style, a cartoonish style or simple style we have that available!

Every dog and cat will have a unique personality so their memorial should reflect that.

Gold engraved letters on a slate pet memorial marker

Choosing a Beautiful Pet Keepsake Design

Our memorial markers and plaques have ample space for designs – choose from a great selection of cute paws and silhouettes to find the perfect accompanying design.

If you have any bespoke request, feel free to contact one of our friendly team members as we can accommodate any request.

Choosing Something Different

If you are looking for something a little different from your pet memorial keepsake, we offer beautiful bio urns from The Living Urn so you can grow a living memory tree with the cremated remains of a pet.

Maybe your cat loved climbing trees, or your dog would bark at squirrels!

For green fingered nature lovers what could be a better keepsake than a special tree in your garden?

Living Urn for Pets Eco Burial System

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A boxer dog wearing cool shades while waving

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