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Portland Limestone pet memorial marker in garden

As shipping and transport issues continue to affect international deliveries, more and more people in the UK are turning to local businesses for their Christmas shopping this year.

Here’s why we think a dog memorial or cat memorial could be a touching alternative Christmas present this year to help someone remember and honour their loving pet.

Our Dog & Cat Memorials Are Made In The UK

At Rest Easy Pet Memorials we think it’s great that more and more people are looking for businesses like us who choose to employ UK workers to produce products in the UK, using local natural materials.

From an environmental view, purchasing products made in the UK using local materials ensures that the carbon footprint of your gift is as low as possible.

At Rest Easy Pet Memorials our natural stone range features only materials (Welsh Slate, Portland Limestone, York Stone) sourced directly from UK quarries.

Our workshop is also based in the UK and our team of masons craft each unique memorial by hand.

You could also consider gifting an E-Gift Card this Christmas so that the person you’re gifting to can choose a pet memorial in their own time.

Pet memorial products available at Rest Easy Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials Are A Personalised Gift

Personalisation is an excellent way to elevate your gift to someone.

It shows that you’ve gone that extra mile to get a present that is meaningful and thoughtful.

Perhaps a friend recently experienced pet bereavement, or you have a family member that was particularly close to your family cat or dog growing up.

Many people find Christmas particularly difficult as they may be reminded of those that they have lost – this extends to our pets.

A pet memorial stone or memorial plaque can be a focal point, a physical representation of the memory of a pet that can help people deal with the absence of a pet after they pass away.

All of our pet memorial gifts can be personalised to some degree with most allowing for names, dates, personalised messages and a selection of designs.

Our engraving allows for multiple choices of fonts and lettering finishes.

Pet memorial pebble with white engraving & tealight
Cat memorial marker in Portland Limestone with black engraving
Dog memorial slate marker with gold engraving

A Pet Memorial Is A Meaningful, Lasting Gift

What would you rather receive: a lot of cheap gifts, or one quality present?

A lot of people are now choosing to reject single-use or cheaply made gifts, opting for more long lasting, meaningful presents. What could be better than helping a loved one memorialise their beloved pet?

Our pet memorials have been designed to look beautiful in the garden or in the home so they can be displayed to mark the ashes of a pet or alongside a biodegradable ashes urn.

If you know someone with pets, you know that they care for all animals, not just their cat or dog. It’s because of this that Rest Easy Pet Memorials have committed to donating 10% of profits to animal charities.

Have a browse on the Rest Easy shop today to find the perfect gift.

If you have any questions or your own pet memorial ideas you can contact a member of our friendly team at hello@resteasypetmemorials.com.

Pug dog in front of Christmas tree

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