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If you’ve purchased either our Pet Memorial Marker or Pet Memorial Plaque in Welsh slate, you might be wondering: how can I keep my Welsh slate pet memorial looking brand new? 

So, we’ve put together a little care guide for you to help answer that.

Welsh slate maintenance – little and often

One of the best qualities of Welsh slate is that it requires very little maintenance – it’s why the material has been famously used worldwide for roofing ever since the Roman period.

Welsh slate is unique in that it is 500 million years old and will maintain its beautiful colour even when left outside for hundreds of years. 

So, if you have chosen to place one of our Welsh slate pet memorial markers or plaques in the garden, you can rest assured that the material can withstand the outdoor conditions.

Welsh slate pet memorial marker in garden with sunflowers
Welsh slate pet memorial plaque in garden

The safest way to clean your Welsh slate memorials

Naturally, if you choose to place your marker or plaque in a flower bed or under a tree then you must consider that the pet memorial is likely to become dirty over time.

If you wish to clean your welsh slate markers and plaques ensure you follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Splash some clean water over the memorial.
  • Using a clean (preferably new) soft, lint free cloth and warm water, gently wipe away any dirt or patches of dirt. It is important to not use a dirty or old cloth as this may scratch the memorial slate.
  • Finally, splash some clean water over the memorial once again ensuring all suds are washed from the memorial and especially out from the engraved lettering.
Lint free cloth for cleaning slate memorials
Tap running fresh clean water

Laying a memorial flat in the garden

If you have a pet memorial plaque that’s laid flat on grass or in a flower bed, you may find that more regular maintenance is required for the lettering.

This is because when a plaque is resting at an angle or in an upright position (like the memorial markers) rain will naturally wash away a lot of the dirt which may collect in the engraved letters.

When a commemorative plaque is laid flat, the rain will easily gather in the letters and dirt will sit in the engraving – over time this may affect any infill on the lettering.

With regular maintenance you can keep the letters clean and this will help prevents any problems.

Dealing with fingerprints on your slate memorial

You may find that people can accidentally leave fingerprints on your slate memorials if they pick them up or touch them – do not worry, simply use a clean, soft, lint free cloth and gently wipe away any fingerprints.

You can also apply a small amount of baby oil or linseed oil to the whole memorial which will be temporarily absorbed into the slate making the material appear a little darker.

Fingerprint on slate material
Hand pouring jar of linseed oil

Dealing with scratches on your slate memorial

If you accidentally scratch your slate memorial do not panic, slate is a soft stone and scratches can occur – fortunately, scratches on slate material is also an easy to fix.

You just need to purchase 400 grit wet & dry paper which is very cheap, and carry out the following instructions:

  1. Use clean water to wash any dirt or grit from the memorial.
  2. Whilst the memorial is still wet use the 400 grit wet & dry paper and gently begin polishing the affected area – depending on how large the scratch is you may wish to re-polish the whole memorial.
  3. Wash the memorial again and leave it to dry. Once dry, assess the scratch and repeat the process if necessary.
  4. To finish you may wish to apply a small amount of baby oil or linseed oil when the plaque is dry. Ensure this is done with a clean, soft, lint free cloth.
Scratches on welsh slate material


  • Do not use household cleaning products on slate especially bleach or acidic cleaners.
  • Ensure your cleaning cloth is soft, lint free and clean otherwise you may scratch the memorial.
  • Avoid using pesticides or other garden treatments with chemicals close to the memorial – if possible, remove the memorial prior to gardening and then replace after use.
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