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Portland Limestone pet memorial marker in garden

One of the most popular final resting places for our beloved pets is, of course, the garden.

Perhaps you have a casket or urn for your cat or dog’s ashes which you have buried and wish to mark. Or perhaps you just want an outdoor memorial for the garden as a keepsake.

Here at Rest Easy we understand gravestones and want to do everything we can to help mark the burial, ashes or remembrance area.

Remembering your pet

Whether it is for a beloved cat or dog, it is no wonder people are always looking for pet remembrance ideas for the garden.

Our pets spend so much time in our gardens, so a lovely, engraved pet memorial stone nestled amongst the flowers is a wonderful idea.

Pet grave markers can also be a thoughtful and unique gift for someone whose pet has died.

Pet memorial pebble with gold gilded inscription and tea light candle holder
Pet memorial marker in Welsh slate with coloured enamel inscription

Our list of most popular memorial ideas for the garden

  • Welsh slate plaque 
  • York stone headstone 
  • Welsh slate marker 
  • Portland limestone plaque 
  • Engraved pebble 
When people think of pet gravestones, they usually think of the large headstones we see in cemeteries or large tombstones.

At Rest Easy, we think that we should be doing more to commemorate our furry friends and family members, but a large headstone isn’t exactly suitable for the garden.

Markers for pets don’t have to be gloomy either, we should celebrate the lovely lives of our pets, and the grave marker or remembrance stone we choose should be something that makes us smile each time we glance out of the window or venture into the garden and remember the loving times we had with our pet.

Cats and dogs spend their lives making us smile, so we believe their memorial should be a celebration of that.

Dogs and a cat relaxing with owner

Choosing the right pet memorial for your garden

The quality memorials in our cat and dog range are crafted from natural slate and stone sourced locally in the UK.

Our range is also sustainable because each pet memorial is crafted from 100% natural materials.

Pet plaques and markers need to be suitable for outside use, especially in the UK, which is why a weighty marker is the best choice. They also look great indoors if you choose to have the memorial on display next to your pet ashes keepsake or pet ashes urn.

Pet memorials should also be personalised, either with just your pet’s name or you can include their date of birth and death, a short message, or even a small design.

At Rest Easy you can completely personalise any of our range which is then engraved deeply. There is also the option to have the lettering beautifully infilled with paint or gold leaf as a special finish.

Pet memorial pebble with gold engraved lettering
Rest Easy is part of the MS-Group Ltd. and we have been creating a wide range of bespoke memorials for over 200 years.

With this vast stonemasonry experience, we believe we can offer the highest quality engraved remembrance monuments, so if you are looking for a dog gravestone, or a commemorative memorial plaque for your cat, but you aren’t sure what to choose, feel free to contact us.

At Rest Easy we offer full pet memorial services and you can browse our unique range of pet memorials for the garden and home.

Choose from the Rest Easy Range:

Pet Memorial Pebble

Pet memorial pebble with tea candle holder
  • We say pebble, but this stone is quite large measuring around 200-300mm
  • You can choose to include a tea light holder, perfect for lighting and displaying in the garden
  • Personalised inscription with a choice of infill
  • Perfect keepsake and looks great indoors too

Pet Memorial Marker

Pet memorial marker in a garden with sunflowers
  • Markers can be buried/stood upright or laid flat
  • Choose from Welsh slate or Portland limestone
  • Personalised inscription with a choice of infill
  • Choose from several designs to make it truly unique
  • A perfect dog grave marker or cat gravestone

Pet Memorial Plaque

Pet memorial plaque made from Welsh slate
  • Plaques can be laid flat in a flower bed or on grass
  • Choose from Welsh slate or Portland limestone
  • Personalised inscription with a choice of infill
  • Choose from several designs to make it truly unique

Pet Memorial Headstone

Pet memorial headstone buried into ground
  • Headstones are to be buried or stood upright
  • Beautiful York sandstone
  • Large area for inscription of your choice
  • Choose two designs to be engraved on this

Personalised pet memorial inscriptions


We offer a full choice of personalised inscriptions and designs so that you can ensure your pet headstone is as unique as your pet’s personality was.

If there is anything you want but you cannot find from our range then please feel free to contact us for something more bespoke.

We can supply boulders and even birdbaths which are perfect additions for outdoor tributes.

Brown Thrasher bird relaxing in birdbath

All memorial materials sourced locally


All of our material is sourced locally in the UK ensuring a low carbon footprint and our products are crafted in the UK by our own vastly experienced memorial masons.

If you are looking for something truly unique, we can offer a Biodegradable Tree Urn for cat and dog ashes – with this a tree of your choosing will grow from the ashes of your pet, standing as an eco-monument for years to come.

This is the perfect outdoor idea or gift for green fingered garden lovers.

Man holding an eco burial urn for pets ashes

Pet funerals for the garden?

Many people ask; Are there funeral services for pets?

Whilst there are a few pet cemeteries, many people want to bury or commemorate their pet in their own garden.

Here at Rest Easy we have worked with expert funeral directors to design a unique at home funeral for cats and dogs which is available for free from our website

The ceremony can be conducted in the garden, and we recommend placing a pebble, plaque or pet marker after the ceremony, just as you would for any other member of the family.



To summarise; gravestones, markers and headstones are perfect choices for pet memorials outdoors or indoors and they are suitable for both cats and dogs.

Our Rest Easy range of UK sourced Welsh slate and limestone memorials are the highest quality products and will be the perfect commemoration to your beloved pet.

Feel free to browse our range of pet memorials for the garden and home. 

The materials are all natural and sustainable, so you can rest assured they will be kind to nature.

Personalised designs and inscriptions are all possible and can be deeply engraved making your chosen tribute completely unique.

Cute poodle dog waving

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