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Portland Limestone pet memorial marker in garden

The concept of the memorial pebble is not a new one, but at Rest Easy Pet Memorials we want to offer large and beautifully bespoke pet memorial stone pieces that really stand out as the best available for our customers.

When it comes to pet memorials, we are on a mission to ensure dogs and cats can have the best memorial pebbles, pet gravestones and pet memorial plaques available because we believe that is what they deserve.

As a society we adore our pets and shower them with amazing high-quality food and toys, but the same level of service has not been extended to memorials – Rest Easy is here to change that!

Finding the Perfect Material

As we do with all our memorials, we began a search across the UK for the best locally sourced materials.

We do this because we support local British businesses, like ourselves, and keep our carbon footprint low (many companies just buy cheap material in mass quantities and ship it from abroad).

We found beautiful British glacial stones that vary in shape and colour.

Our decision was to do nothing that changes the natural shape but to work with the natural form and undulations.

The sizes vary between 250 and 300mm so they are significantly sized memorial stones.

Pet memorial stone pebble with engraving and tealight

Special and Unique Extras

We wanted to do something more than just deeply engrave these pebbles, so we decided to offer a white paint choice along with a luxurious 23.5 karat gold leaf gilding.

Finally, we wanted to offer something particularly special – the tea light holder.

This optional extra will allow you to safely place a tea light which can be lit on special remembrance days or during our Rest Easy at-home pet funeral service.

We have designed a unique at home funeral ceremony for pets that’s available for free to everyone and there is a perfect opportunity during a moment of silence to light the tealight that’s carved into the pet memorial pebble.

The Rest Easy Pet Memorial Pebble is a perfect addition to the other markers and headstones that we offer.

For example, it can be placed in front of the Welsh Slate Marker or York Stone Headstone.

It also makes for a lovely indoor ornament keepsake above a fireplace or outdoors in your garden, nestled in a flower bed.

Pet memorial pebble in a garden

So, if you are looking for the perfect dog memorial gift or cat memorial idea look no further than the Rest Easy pebble available today from our online pet memorial shop with free shipping!

We also offer gift cards so you can give someone who is mourning the loss of a pet the gift of being able to personalise a memorial for their own pet.

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